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Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics & Genomics: People

Vasilia Fasoula

Adjunct Assistant Research Scientist and Consultant

Vasilia FasoulaInstitute of Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Genomics
111 Riverbend Rd.
Athens, GA 30602

Phone: 917-684-9906

Research area: Plant breeding and genetics


Dr. Vasilia Fasoula obtained her PhD in soybean breeding and genetics from the University of Georgia. She has identified and mapped a major QTL for bud blight resistance, performed effective single-plant selection within elite soybean cultivars, and provided the first report of significant intra-cultivar variation in soybean. She has released 18 elite soybean germplasm lines and collaborated in the development of two synthetic switchgrass varieties released for high biomass yield. She is consulting in the areas of single-plant selection, whole-plant precision field phenotyping, and innovative breeding methods to speed up the release of superior cultivars characterized by high and stable crop yield in favorable as well as marginal environments. Additionally, she is a consultant at the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Forage Improvement Division.


Degree Field Institution Date Obtained
M.S. Plant Biology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1994
Ph.D. Plant Breeding & Geneticvs University of Georgia 2002