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Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics & Genomics: People

Mohamed Mergoum Esther van der Knaap

Professor, GA Seed Development/UGA Foundation Professorship in Wheat Breeding


Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Redding Building,#262
1109 Experiment Street
Griffin, GA 30223-1797

Phone: 770-228-7321

Fax: 770-412-4734


Research area: Plant (Small Grains) Breeding, Genetics and Genomics

Curriculum Vitae : Dr. Mohamed Mergoum Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Area: Population/Quantitative Genentics


As part of a multi-disciplined team consisting of breeders, geneticists/genomicists, agronomists, pathologists and entomologists, my focus is to (1) develop new improved small grains crops-mainly wheat- cultivars/germplasm adapted to the Georgia and SE climatic conditions, with improved productivity, durable pests resistance, and high end-use quality, (2) identify, introgress, and develop desirable genetic variations/populations for agronomic, physiological, and quality traits in small grains in general, and wheat in particular for cultivar development and basic research in the area of genetics and genomics; and (3) develop and use novel genetic/genomic technologies/tools to improve selection for economic traits including resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. Cultivar resistance is both the most economical and environmentally friendly method of reducing losses due to pests. Research and selection of wheat under waterlogged,acid soil/mineral toxicity, extreme temperatures, and drought conditions is also a thrust area. Additional emphases are placed on wheat and rye for grain and straw production as well as for forage and double-cropping systems.



Degree Field Institution Date Obtained
M.S. Plant Breeding University of Minnesota/IAV Hassan II, Morocco 1982
Ph.D. Plant Breeding/Genetics Colorado State University    1993