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Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics & Genomics: People

Ming Li Wang

Plant Molecular Geneticist

Ming Li WangUSDA
1109 Experiment Street
Griffin, GA 30223

Phone: 770-229-3342
Fax: 770-229-3323

Research area: crop genetic resources

Additional website: USDA Plant Genetics Resources Conservation Unit


Dr. Ming Li Wang was born in rural area Hebei province, China and raised in countryside. Dr. Wang has a B.S. & M.S. degree from Beijing Agricultural University in Plant Genetics and Breeding, and Ph.D. from Cambridge Laboratory, John Innes Center, United Kingdom in Crop Genetics. Dr. Wang was hired by the PGRCU, USDA-ARS in 2003 to initiate a program for characterization and utilization of plant germplasm. Dr. Wang is in charge of Molecular Genetics and Biochemical Analysis Laboratory in the Unit.


Degree Field Institution Date Obtained
M.S. Plant Genetics & Breeding China Agricultural University 1981
Ph.D. Cereal Crop Molecular Genetics Cambridge Laboratory, John Innes Centre 1993