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Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics & Genomics: People

Esther van der Knaap Esther van der Knaap


Department of Horticulture
Center for Applied Genetic Technologies
111 Riverbend Road
Athens, GA 30602

Phone: 706-542-4682

Research area: Tomato and other Solanaceous crops

Additional website:


The research in the van der Knaap laboratory focuses on the regulation of fruit shape and size in Solanaceous crops. The main focus is on tomato where selections resulted in a huge variety in fruit form. This morphological diversity provides excellent resources for studies in plant genetics, development and organ patterning. The understanding of the molecular bases of diversity in fruit form also offers novel insights in the evolutionary processes that underlined vegetable crop domestication and selection. After her PhD, Dr. van der Knaap was a post-doctoral researcher in Plant Breeding at Cornell University. She moved to the Ohio State University in 2001 where she initiated her independent research program on tomato fruit shape and size. In September 2015, she joined the faculty in Horticulture and the Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics at the University of Georgia in Athens.


Degree Field Institution Date Obtained
B.S./M.S. Plant Pathology Wageningen University 1990
Ph.D. Genetics Michigan State University    1998