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Academic Programs
Master's Program: Overview

Assignment of Major Professor

Graduate students who have not made a commitment as to their major professor will be assigned one before they are accepted by the Institute. These will be tentative assignments subject to change by consent of the major professor, student, and Institute Director. Many assistantships, scholarships, etc. are assigned to research program leaders and may not be transferable to another major professor.


Advisory Committee

An Advisory Committee of three or more faculty members will be appointed by end of the first semester of residence. This committee shall consist of the major professor, who must have Graduate Faculty Status, and two other faculty members, at least one of whom must have Graduate Faculty status.

This committee will approve the student's program of study and thesis plan and administer the final oral examination. The major professor and/or student will keep the Advisory Committee informed of progress being made.

Forms for appointment are available from the Graduate School and must be submitted to the degree program assistant by the end of the first year.


Program of Study

All Graduate School requirements for a master's degree must fall within a six-year time limit beginning with the first registration for graduate courses listed on the program of study and ending with the final semester of the sixth year.

The student shall submit to the degree program assistant through his/her major professor a Program of Study (list of proposed courses) the semester before graduation. The student will work with their major professor and advisory committee on the initial program of study the first semester. The final program of study form is not due until the end of the first year.


Masters Thesis

A thesis proposal approved by the Advisory Committee must be submitted to the degree program assistant by the end of the second semester. These items become a permanent part of the student's Institute file and record. The thesis proposal is to ensure that a student starts early on a research project suitable for a thesis. The master's thesis will be formed together with the student's major professor by the end of the first semester. The student's Advisory Committee must approve the research proposal.

After passing the final exam the student must electronically submit their final thesis to the graduate school along with the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation form. Please ensure that the complete formatted thesis to the Graduate School is submitted by the deadline of the graduation semester.

Also, please submit the final thesis to the degree program assistant.


PBGG Exit Seminar

An oral defense of the student's thesis with their major professor and advisory committee must take place by the graduate school deadline. Please submit an electronic copy of the thesis to the advisory committee three weeks prior to oral defense. The graduate school's Approval Form for Master's Thesis must be completed at the defense and submitted to the degree program assistant.

**The Graduate School deadline can be found on their Website: Important Deadlines and Dates.