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Master's Program: Checklist for New Students

Graduate students in the Institute are encouraged to follow these guidelines to ensure timely progress towards their graduate degree.

  1. When first arriving, please contact the Degree Program Assistant (Center for Applied Genetic Technologies, Room 136) to inform the Institute of your arrival.
  2. Work with Degree Program Assistant to complete forms for your assistantship, and to be assigned an office and a mailbox and obtain keys to building, offices, and laboratories.
  3. Make an appointment with your Major Professor to be advised on courses to take during your first semester.
  4. After being advised, contact Degree Program Assistant (Center for Applied Genetic Technologies, Room 136) to be cleared for registration.
  5. During the first semester, work with your Major Professor to prepare a draft of your Program of Study and to identify committee members for your Advisory Committee. Before the end of the first semester, hold a meeting of your Advisory Committee in which your Final Program of Study is approved.
  6. During the first and second semesters, work with your Major Professor and Advisory Committee to prepare a research proposal, which should be approved by the Advisory Committee and submitted to the Degree Program Assistant by the end of the second semester.
  7. Make sure that an annual Graduate Student Evaluation Form is completed by your supervisor and Graduate Committee by May 30 of each year.
  8. The Program of Study form and the Advisory Committee form must be completed the semester before your graduation and submitted to the Degree Program Assistant.
  9. When all requirements for your degree have been met, contact your Advisory Committee to hold a final defense. Notify the Graduate Coordinator or Degree Program Assistant of the date, time and place of the examination so that the Graduate School can be notified.
  10. The Graduate School does not need to be notified of the defense date for master's students. They will need to receive the forms and final thesis by the deadline on their Website.